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The OMFT Symposium 2019
A must for everyone who is active in myofunctional therapy!

November 5: The OMFT Symposium 2019

Main speaker is dr. German Ramirez-Yañez; with a lot of experience an icon in the world of Oro Myofunctional Therapy. Inspiring speaker about positively influencing cranio-facial growth and development. His strength: translate theory and research into case studies and practical tips. A day not to be missed for everyone who is active in myofunctional therapy! Read more.

OMFT: oromyofunctional therapy

There is a direct relationship between form and function of the orofacial structures:

  • form dictates function,
  • function dictates form.

The physiognomy, the shape of the mouth and the position of the teeth are mainly influenced by the function of the intra- and extra-oral muscles. Oromyofunctional therapy (OMFT) is a training therapy to restore a disharmony in the balance between the intra- and extra-oral-muscles.

This website gives the speech pathologist information about OMFT and the possibility to order materials and measuring instruments.

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In our webshop you can order materials and measuring instruments that are useful in the field of OMFT; products for the diagnosis and the effectiveness of the therapy, such as myoscanner, force-scale and Payne-lamp.

The impact of OMFT

Results within a few months. Lasting results, because OMFT aims to behavioral change.

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