An Australian product that is now also available in Europe via myospots. They are used to train the correct tongue position so that nasal breathing takes place and jaws and teeth can develop healthily. Myospots are small round pads made of biodegradable natural polymers that are safe for use in the mouth. They easily stick to the palate. A flavored myospot at the top of the mouth invites the tip of the tongue to touch it until it dissolves. This is a good training method to get the tongue in the right position. A correct tongue position results in correct breathing: through the nose instead of through the mouth.

Per client it can be determined how often and for how long myospots should be used to become aware of the correct tongue tip position and to learn the correct tongue placement. Usually once a day is practiced with a myospot, which then lasts about one hour. The video on the right shows how they are used. The myospots are available in the webshop, in the flavours strawberry and blueberry.


Preventing an open bite

A correct tongue placement and nose breathing is important from different perspectives. During nasal breathing, the tongue can remain in the correct position against the roof of the mouth, stimulating normal growth and development of the upper jaw. When breathing through the mouth, the tongue moves down and forward. The pressure of the cheeks also increases. Mouth breathing in this way eventually leads to a narrow and high palate. The upper dental arch is given a V-shape instead of the normal U-shape, leaving no room for the teeth to line up neatly. Incorrect swallowing also develops, in which the tongue presses against the front teeth as you swallow and those teeth come forward. That leads to an open bite.


Snoring and sleep apnea

Nose breathing is also healthier than breathing through the mouth, because it filters and moisturizes the air you breathe and the oxygen uptake is higher. If you do not breathe through the nose but through the mouth while sleeping, you will often start to snore. Since the tongue is then low, it can fall back and partially or completely block the airways, resulting in sleep apnea.



The myospots are an effective tool to learn the correct tongue position, resulting in nasal breathing. The Re-mind is a useful instrument to (further) automate that correct tongue position throughout the day and to make nose breathing a regular habit.


The myospots and the Re-mind can be ordered in the webshop.


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