Again enthusiastic reactions from the participants in the English OMFT basic course, which was held in Denmark for the second consecutive year by Liset Maas and Berry Verlinden. A mixed international group of therapists became extensively acquainted with the theory and practice of oro-myofunctional therapy and rated this three-day course with a wonderful score: an average of 9.

This time the course took place in Billund, at a location next to the famous Legoland. The participants came from Finland, Israel, Faroe Islands and Denmark. Most of them were speech therapists and occupational therapists, supplemented by two nurses and a physiotherapist. With this course, initiator Ulla Lebahn of Lebahn Events wants to put oro-myofunctional therapy on the map in Denmark. The first English-language basic course that was held in Odense last year, was the start. After the enthusiasm during the course on 26, 27 and 28 August, the call for a follow-up course in Denmark is now getting louder.


A whole new world

During the course in Billund, it appeared that oro-myofunctional therapy is an important addition for the participants to their own discipline. They indicated that they had now found ‘the missing piece of the puzzle’. The participants repeatedly noted that ‘a whole new world has opened’. A highly valued part of the course was the simulation of a treatment, in which the participants could experience how research is being done and which advice comes from it. A few participants came the next day with their own children for advice. Funny to note that the communication of Berry Verlinden in Norwegian (a language he knows well) during those treatments was understood by the Danish children, because there are many similarities with Danish.



The three-day English-language basic course of is a solid foundation for providing theory and practical exercises around the world. This course may go deeper into Scandinavia next year, because the participants from Finland – all originating from the same practice – have returned to their country full of inspiration and made their colleagues enthusiastic about this course from The knowledge and skills related to oro myofunctional theraphy is internationally spreading like a wildfire.


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