You can order several OMFT products for diagnosis or training during therapy by means of our webshop. Put your order in the shopping cart and you will see the total amount due, including VAT, handling and delivery costs (depending of the total weight of the ordered products and destination). Delivery through DHL, all over the World. You can pay by Ideal or choose for payment before delivery (than we will send you an invoice first).

In the prices VAT is included. If you live in Europe but outside the Netherlands and you do have a VAT number, then all prices mentioned in this website can be deducted with 21% , i.e. the Dutch VAT! As a consequence you have to pay the VAT in your own country. If you prefer that, please choose for payment before delivery, mention your VAT number and give us a note that you prefer reversed charge of VAT.  We will send you an invoice  with the prices and the total amount due with 0% VAT. Delivery after full payment. All bank costs for the customer.


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