• Liset Maas-Houtekamer Speech therapist, OMFT-specialist and lecturer myofunctional sciences

    Liset Maas-Houtekamer graduated in 1991 as a speech therapist. Since 2010 she has specialized in oro-myofunctional therapy with courses, treatment and research in the field of OMFT. In 2015 she became the first speech therapist in The Netherlands to be admitted to the national OMFT Quality Register.
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  • Maaike Selten-Pijpe Dentist and oral surgeon

    Maaike Selten-Pijpe graduated in 2009 as a dentist at University of Groningen in The Netherlands. After completing her dentistry studies, she started working in the oral, jaw and facial surgery department at the UMCG, where she specialized in oral surgery. In 2012 she also completed her medical studies.
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  • Berry Verlinden (Non-practicing) dentist, prosthodontist, implant surgeon and lecturer myofunctional sciences

    After his study at Utrecht University he opened his private clinic in Huizen (The Netherlands) in 1979. From 1979 up to 2008 his practice was limited to prosthodontics, extensive reconstructive dentistry, prosthodontics, periodontology and gnathology (whether it would be functional or skeletal of origin) and treating functional disturbances due to oro myofunctional problems.
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