Myotape for people with sensitive skin

Myotape is also now also available in a version especially made for people with a sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic Myotape Sensitive comes in two sizes: medium and large.

Special myotape for sports and recovery

The Myotape Sport ensures that the mouth remains closed during sports practice and therefore nasal breathing takes place.

New product from Myospots: lip tape

The manufacturer of Myospots has developed its own lip tape. Ideal for men with a beard, because the tape can be stuck to the lips themselves. This ‘sleep lip tape’ can now be ordered in the webshop.

Lip retractor exposes front teeth

The ‘lip retractor front’ is used to lift the lower lip or the upper lip, so that there is a clear view of the front teeth and gums there.

Use a tumb sleeve to quit tumb sucking

Quitting thumb sucking is difficult. With a cotton sleeve over the thumb, a child gets a little extra help to really stop.

Chew with the Myo Munchee for good oral functions

Chewing with a Myo Munchee improves the strength of the mouth muscles and contributes to good oral functions. It also improves oral hygiene.

Backgrounds and tips for working with the FroggyMouth

The FroggyMouth corrects a wrong tongue function; at children and adults. It is important to use the FroggyMouth properly and to monitor progress. This article lists a number of important backgrounds and tips.

Periodontal probe for measuring overjet and overbite

A new instrument is available in our webshop, for measuring an overjet or an overbite: the periodontal probe. The scale on the probe shows the size of the overjet or overbite.

New in the OMFT-webshop: lippos

The lippos from LOGO-art are now available in the webshop. Lippos are used for training lip closure (musculus orbicularis oris) and nasal breathing.

Tongue Guide Pro or Home: new products to lift the tongue

The Tongue Guide makes it easy to hold the tongue back and tighten the tongue tie. For example, while measuring the Kotlow classification or during a surgical procedure.

Easier ordering with a customer account

Customers who regularly place orders in the webshop can now create and manage their own customer account. A personal account makes ordering faster and easier.

Study: nose breathing stimulates strenght of the tongue

Nose-breathing children have more tongue strenght than children who breathe through their mouth. In addition, their tongue pressure increases with age, while mouth-breathing children do not.

Practicing with a cork between the teeth

If the lower and upper jaws move towards each other too much during a speech therapy exercise, when this is not intended, then placing a cork between the teeth offers a solution.

Scientific studies highlight OMFT

The number of scientific studies is growing in which oromyofunctional therapy is labeled as valuable and effective. We have listed some articles that discuss aspects of OMFT, such as sleep apnea and the consequences of restrictive tongue ties.

Pacifier tree helps children get rid of their pacifier

Hang your pacifier in it and choose one of the presents hanging in the tree! The ‘pacifier tree’ is an eye-catcher in any speech therapy or dentistry practice and encourages children to hand in their pacifier and thus to stop using it.

OMFT more and more known in Denmark

OMFT is gaining attention in Denmark, but the field is still relatively unknown. So the participants in the two courses that gave near Copenhagen, received a lot of new information and knowledge. Yet it turned out to be manageable and their enthusiasm grew visibly.

Better mouth vision with LED mirror

New in the webshop: a dental inspection mirror equipped with an LED lamp. Due to the lighting, the mirror provides a good view; also in the back of the mouth.

Clear explanation with an anatomy model of the head

A cross-section of the head helps to explain nasal breathing, tongue placement and correct swallowing. The anatomy model makes the explanation visual and clear.

Myospots for a correct tongue position

Now available in Europe: myospots. This small pads are sticked to the palate to train the correct tongue position, so that nasal breathing takes place and jaws and teeth can develop healthily.

Myotape for nasal breathing and stronger mouth muscles

Myotape has a double effect: it stimulates nose breathing and strengthens the muscles around the mouth. The tape thus contributes to healthy growth and development of jaws and teeth.

New: dental model for omft instruction

New in the webshop: a dental model for explanation and instruction to clients and/or their parents. A frequently used and handy tool for OMFT.

OMFT. info goes to Finland will give two courses in Finland in September 2021. Agreements have been made about this with ‘Terapiamerkurius Oy’, an organization for speech therapy, rehabilitation and coaching.

New in the webshop: the Re-mind

The Re-mind regularly gives a vibration. When the lips are open and the tongue is low in the mouth, the moment of trembling is the sign to close the lips and place the tongue properly.

Pain-free exercises with a lip band that is placed too low

Some OMFT measurements and exercises can be painful for clients with an under-applied lip band. A button with a recess has now been developed especially for them, which can be used during the Force Scale measurement, the button exercise and the bottle exercise. In this way, the necessary measurements and exercises can be done pain-free.

Tongue band or lip bands too short: the consequences

A tongue tie and lip ties can lead to open mouth behavior, abnormal swallowing, abnormal growth of the jaws, dental abnormalities, pronunciation problems, incorrect posture and sleep apnea. OMFT can restore the imbalance in the functioning of the muscles in and around the mouth. This article provides information about (the consequences of) limiting bands and the treatment that the OMFT therapist can offer.

Nasal breathing as a barrier against the Corona virus

How to stop the Corona virus is currently being investigated. It is already clear that Covid 19 is spread in the same way as other flu-like diseases: with droplets of saliva or mucus in the air. The body has a natural filter for that: the nose.

The OMFT symposium 2019: a fascinating and inspiring Ramirez

Educational, inspiring and overwhelming. Dr. German Ramirez-Yañez shared his great knowledge and expertise in oro-myofunctional therapy with the 140 attendees of ‘The OMFT symposium’. For seven hours he managed to fascinate the public with a flood of information that was clear and useful from start to finish.

International group of therapists introduced to OMFT

Again enthusiastic reactions about the English OMFT basic course, which was held for the second consecutive year in Denmark by Liset Maas and Berry Verlinden. A international group of participants became extensively acquainted with the theory and practice of OMFT and rated the course with a 9.

Tongue ties and lip ties: an inspiring lecture by dr. Kotlow

Dr. Lawrence A. Kotlow, known for his criteria for limiting tongue and lip ties, came to Copenhagen at the end of May. Liset Maas-Houtekamer and Berry Verlinden from attended his lecture. A valuable day for them, in which they were strengthened in their vision.

The OMFT symposium with icon dr. German Ramirez-Yañez

‘The OMFT symposium’ is dominated by the knowledge and skills of Dr. German Ramirez-Yañez. He is a gifted speaker about the importance of early treatment of children with a myofunctional problem. He clearly shows the relationship between abnormal mouth behavior and the growth of the orofacial skeleton and how this abnormal growth can be corrected.

More to see with the new cheek holders

Cheek holders are used to observe or photograph the teeth. They expand the mouth opening considerably, so that there is a clear view at the teeth. Now there are new V-shaped cheek holders with some advantages.

Kotlow speaks in Copenhagen

Pediatrician Lawrence Kotlow is coming to Europe. On 28 May 2019 he will give a lecture in Denmark. Kotlow is known from his guidelines for the determination of too short tongue ties.

Spout cup causes problems

Before children learn to drink from a cup, the spout cup is a common intermediate step. However, many and prolonged use of a spout cup has negative effects on the teeth and the mouth functions. And with that also the health and the speech development of a child.

Lip plasters Omnifix as a cheaper alternative

Lip plasters are a good tool for obtaining a good lip closure. Until recently, the Fixomull Stretch was recommended as a lip plaster for OMFT. This is still a good patch, but it is quite expensive. Recently there is a nice alternative: Omnifix.

OMFT appears ‘missing link’ in Denmark

The first fully English basic course of abroad, has been successful. The participants appreciated the three-day course in Denmark with a high score: a 9.2. Striking was the large number of osteopaths that participated and the lack of speech therapists.

Specific instrument for measuring tongue tie

Pediatrician Lawrence Kotlow has classified length measurements for the tongue tie, which can be used to determine whether intervention is necessary. has developed a measurement instrument on the basis of these guidelines. A handy and factually indispensable tool to determine if correction of the tongue tie is necessary.

Kinesiotaping as a supporting technique

Kinesiotaping is indispensable in (sports) medicine. The application of tape lifts the skin, which affects the function of the underlying muscles. Kinesiotaping is also a valuable addition to treatments in speech therapy. For example with open-mouth behavior.

OMFT course in Odense (Denmark)

This summer is providing an OMFT basic course in Denmark. The course takes place on Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 August.

sugar reduces your strenght

Refined sugars significantly reduce the strength of the (mouth) muscles. Such sugars therefore have a negative influence on the OMFT exercises. It is therefore important that (parents of) clients are advised not to use sugars before an OMFT treatment.

Tongue tie in the spotlights at Danish symposium

During an international symposium in the Danish capital Copenhagen, a great deal of attention was paid to the correction of too short tongue ties. Berry Verlinden from, one of the speakers at this symposium, also paid attention to this topic.

What to do with a stuffy nose?

The nose is important for the humidification, heating and cleaning of the inhaled air. If the nose is clogged and can only be breathed through the mouth, these favorable properties will decay and complaints may arise. It is therefore important to clear the nasal pathway.

New in the webshop: dosing syringe

In oro-myofunctional therapy, swallowing steps are practiced by drinking water from a glass. If that causes problems, use a dosing syringe. This syringe is now available in our webshop.

Keep your Payne paste usable

How someone swallows, can be precisely determined using fluorescence technology. With this so-called Payne technique you can determine if the tongue tip comes addentally or interdentally during a swallow. The Payne paste that is used for this technique must be soft and smouth.

OMFT course on Aruba

For the first time in OMFT history, we have held a course on Aruba. With a small group of participants we have been able to work intensively and we have set up a good course.


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