This summer is providing an OMFT basic course in Denmark. The course takes place on Wednesday 15, Thursday 16 and Friday 17 August in Odense. has developed a course for, in particular, speech therapists, dentists and orthodontists who want to learn more about the great results that can be achieved with this therapy and actually want to get started with this. In three days you will get theoretical knowledge and practical skills about OMFT.

The course contains the following topics:

  • Types of oro-myofunctional dysfunctions;
  • Relationship between speech-pathology, dentistry, orthodontics, ENT problems related to OMFT, gnathology and the importance of this knowledge in relation to diagnostics and therapy of oro-myofunctional dysfunctions;
  • Practical exercises in training with the Force scale, Payne technic and Myoscanner;
  • OMFT-protocol: practical training with all logopedic exercises to be used for the treatment of oro-myofunctional disorders;
  • Review of a lot of OMFT cases and discussions how to treat them properly;
  • Practical training in recognizing deviate dental form due to deviate function;
  • If possible: clinical training with some local OMFT patients (brought in by the participants).

The course and the documentation is entirely in English. The course is organized in consultation with Lebahn Events, which also provides the applications. You can sign in at their website or via More information can be found in the flyer.


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