Oro-myofunctional therapy (OMFT) focuses on the functioning of muscles in and around the mouth. A dental model is a frequently used tool with which explanation and instruction can be given to clients and/or their parents. The handy tool is now for sale in the OMFT.info webshop.

The dental model can be used to provide explanations about the Angle classifications, to show an overjet and a cross bite, or to show what a beautifully grown palate looks like. The model also makes it clear where the tip of the tongue should be placed at rest. Parents can see where to place their little finger and then mark that spot for correct tongue placement on their child.

The dental model can be used for explanation and instruction with the teeth together, or with the mouth open. This can be done in any desired position, by tightening the upper and lower jaw with the wing nut at the back.


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