will give two courses in Finland in September 2021. Agreements have been made about this with ‘Terapiamerkurius Oy’, an organization for speech therapy, rehabilitation and coaching.

“In the courses that we have given in Denmark in recent years, some Finnish participants already joined. It is great to see that oro-myofunctional therapy is gaining ground there and that we have now been asked to provide basic courses at two different locations,” says Liset Maas-Houtekamer of

Those locations are about 450 kilometers apart: the southeastern Savonlinna and the more northern Oulu. The three-day courses are held consecutively, within one week. “Practical, because we only have to travel to Finland once. But on the other hand also very intensive. Certainly also because we will have to move quickly from one location to another. In any case, we are very much looking forward to it: it is always nice to share knowledge and expertise about OMFT abroad, so that it can benefit the treatment of clients there”.

Finnish flag on a windy day.

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