OMFT clients learn the importance of breathing through the nose, with their lips closed. They are trained to place the tongue at rest at the top of the mouth while swallowing, with the tip of the tongue positioned just behind the upper teeth. But when that is taught, it does not automatically becomes a habit. The Re-mind offers a solution.



The Re-mind regularly vibrates. When the lips are open and the tongue is low in the mouth at that moment, this is the sign to close the lips and place the tongue properly. The Re-mind can be put in a pocket or chest pocket; as long as there is enough contact with the body to feel the vibration. To prevent acclimatization, the device can be moved to another place over time. A special wristband can also be supplied, in which the device fits exactly. Every vibration is then guaranteed to be felt. The Re-mind is a discrete instrument: it vibrates without anyone else noticing.



The Re-mind can also be used as an observation tool. Check within an agreed time, for example an hour, how often the lips are closed and the tongue is in the right place when the Re-mind goes off. Is that correct in 90% of the cases? Then the time between the moments when the Re-mind vibrates can be widened by choosing another program (in total the Re-mind has 6 programs).



Liset Maas of “In my OMFT practice I experience the Re-mind as a valuable support during treatment. I also use the Re-mind to automate the learned backward alveolar swallow and good tongue placement while speaking. Within the oro-myofunctional therapy it is an indispensable device”.

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