Myotape, developed by the internationally renowned breathing coach Patrick McKeown, is now available in the webshop. It has a double effect: it stimulates nose breathing and strengthens the muscles around the mouth: the orbicularis oris. The tape thus contributes to healthy growth and development of jaws and teeth.


During the day and at night

During the day, a myotape can be stuck around the mouth for about half an hour to two hours. Preferably during activities where the mouth is normally open: while watching television, reading or gaming. By using the tape while sleeping, nasal breathing reduces the risk of snoring and sleep apnea (both effects of mouth breathing). Tapes are available for children from 4 to 14 years old and for adults. One pack contains 90 ready-to-use tapes.


Train nose breathing and a correct tongue position

It is very important to breathe through the nose, because mouth breathing ultimately leads to malocclusion. To prevent this, it is important to change the breathing behavior: breathe with the mouth closed and with the tip of the tongue upwards, against ‘the roof’ of the mouth. There are various techniques and tools to learn the correct tongue position (practice with orthodontoc elastics and sticking myospots to the palate) or to automate (the Re-mind). The lips can also be covered with Omnifix lip plasters, so that nose breathing becomes a habit. Kinesio tape (such as Cure Tape) is used to strengthen the muscles around the mouth and to prevent open mouth behavior (with the associated mouth breathing). Kinesio tape lifts the skin around the mouth, which affects the function of the underlying muscles. The knot or bottle exercise also strengthens the strength of the lip and mouth muscles.


Myotape is available in the webshop.


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