Hang your pacifier in it and choose one of the presents hanging in the tree! The ‘pacifier tree’ is an eye-catcher in any speech therapy or dentistry practice and encourages children to hand in their pacifier and thus to stop using it. This can be the children who are being treated themselves, but also their brother or sister who comes along. The wooden pacifier tree is new in the OMFT.info webshop and is available there from now on.

Sucking on a pacifier fulfills a baby’s natural needs. At least before the second year a child should stop using it, because sucking on a pacifier for too long has adverse effects on speech development, breathing and teeth. Teeth can come through crooked (with consequences for the later teeth) and mouth breathing takes place more often. This can lead to weaker mouth motor skills, with consequences for speech development. The child may also start to lisp.

Stop using a pacifier is easier said than done. Many children are very attached to their pacifiers and cannot live without them. The pacifier tree, which is full of presents and with pacifiers that have already been handed in, makes it possible to discuss disposing of the pacifier. Because there is a nice present in return, handing in the pacifier becomes a beautiful moment!

The tree is 70 cm high and 47 cm wide and is made of FSC approved birch plywood (6 mm). The wooden tree can be used as a pacifier tree by hanging all kinds of presents in it. The tree can also be used as a theme tree for the seasons, by hanging autumn leaves in the fall, lights during the winter holidays, flowers in spring and fruit in summer. Or as a theme tree for increasing the vocabulary, by hanging words in it that have to do with a current theme or with an upcoming holiday.

The pacifier tree can be ordered in the OMFT.info webshop.


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