OMFT is gaining attention in Denmark, but the field is still relatively unknown. So the participants in the two courses that gave in recent weeks near Copenhagen, received a lot of new information and knowledge. Yet it turned out to be manageable and their enthusiasm for oro-myofunctional therapy grew visibly.

In Ishøj, just south of Copenhagen, the two courses were provided by course leaders Liset Maas-Houtekamer and Berry Verlinden. Entirely in English and with three intensive days per course, to provide space for theory and exercises from both the basic course OMFT-1 and the advanced course OMFT-2. Both groups of participants consisted of a mixed group of dentists, oral hygienists, occupational therapists, lactation consultants, speech therapists and osteopaths. In Denmark, it are mainly the two last mentioned professional groups that actually start working with the therapy; the others mainly use the knowledge in their own treatment of clients.


Both courses received a high rating from the participants (an average of 8.9) and enthusiastic responses, such as:

  • ‘A huge upgrade of my knowledge, which I have been looking forward to for a long time’.
  • “It’s great that professionals take us along in OMFT and show us the exercises.”
  • “Many practical examples and good explanation of the exercises.”
  • “Excellent combination between lessons and practice”.

In the second course, Steen B. Zurbuchen joined Liset Maas-Houtekamer’s lecture on the use of mouth trainers. As director of Ortodonti Service, he is the representative of MRC mouth trainers in Denmark. Afterwards, he answered some questions from those present.

Berry Verlinden and Liset Maas-Houtekamer look back with satisfaction on the Danish intermezzo: “Conducting two three-day courses in a row abroad – completely in English – is quite intensive. But when you see what it evokes in the participants and how enthusiastic they become about OMFT, it gives a more than satisfied feeling. Just like the two previous times we have taught courses in Denmark, we hope that we have planted a seed that will reach full maturity. So that oro-myofunctional therapy can be integrated into the fields of speech therapy and dentistry, just like in our Dutch home base.”


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