A new product, developed in the United States in collaboration with the well-known pediatrician Lawrence Kotlow. The Tongue Guide Pro makes it easy to hold the tongue back and tighten the tongue tie. For example, while measuring the Kotlow classification of the tongue tie with the Kotlow ruler. But also during the correction of the tongue tie by means of electrosurgery or laser treatment. The Tongue Guide Pro can therefore be used by various professionals, such as OMFT therapists, dentists, oral surgeons, ENT doctors and orthodontists.

But there is also a Tonge Guide available for use by parents: the Tonge Guide Infant Home. With this instrument, parents can learn to lift the tongue prior to a surgical correction of the tongue tie in their child. After the surgical procedure, they can use the instrument to ensure that the area under the tongue is stretched so that the wound under the tongue heals well and an optimal result is achieved without relapse. The Tonge Guide Infant Home is therefore an alternative to the liper device, with the advantage that the finger does not have to come close to the mouth resulting in a better view of the movements.

The professional versions of the Tongue Guide come in two variants:

  • The Tongue Guide Infant Pro, for use with babies or very young children (from 0 to 2 years).
  • The Tongue Guide Standard Pro, for use with children from 2 years and for adults.

These professional versions of the Tongue Guide are an alternative to using the grooved director, which is made of stainless metal and can feel a bit cold. During a laser surgery, extra caution is required when working with a grooved director. Because the steel is reflective, unwanted damage can occur if the laser beam hits it and bounces off. With the Tongue Guide there is no such risk.

All versions of the Tongue Guide are made of sturdy plastic and provide patients comfort with their soft, smooth edges. It is also pleasant for the user to work with, because of the ergonomically shaped handle. The Tongue Guide Infant Pro and Tongue Guide Standard Pro are reusable and can be sterilized in an autoclave. The Tongue Guide Infant Home is created and intended for single patient use.

All versions are now available in the webshop of OMFT.info, which is currently the only supplier in Europe.


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