The lippos from LOGO-art are now available in the webshop. Lippos are used for training lip closure (musculus orbicularis oris) and nasal breathing. They have cheerful colors and shapes, such as a crown, rabbit, duck and butterfly. By holding a lippo between the lips, they close and it is no longer possible to breathe through the mouth. So nose breathing takes place.

Lippos are made of thin colored PVC foil, which makes them lightweight. This prevents the musculus mentalis (chin muscle) from being trained instead of the musculus orbicularis oris.

Lippos can also be used if the tongue is incorrectly positioned: in that case in combination with orthodontic elastics. Place one elastic on the tip of the tongue, hold the tongue in the right place (tongue tip against the roof of the mouth; just behind the front teeth) and use the lippo to close the lip.

The LOGO-art lippos can be ordered in the webshop per set of 25 or 75 pieces.


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