Within the oro myofunctional therapy (OMFT) lip plasters are a good tool for obtaining a good lip closure. This technique can be used both during day and night. During the day, for example, half an hour to an hour while watching television or a tablet. When wearing a myobrace (trainer MRC Europe) the lip plaster can be used to ensure that the lips stay closed.



Until recently, the Fixomull Stretch (5 cm x 10 m) was recommended as a lip plaster for OMFT. This is still a good patch, but it is quite expensive. Recently there is a nice alternative: Omnifix (5 cm x 10 m), which is a lot cheaper. This lip plaster costs € 3.50 and is recently for sale in the webshop of OMFT.info.


Improved closure of the mouth

In the past professor Dr. P.H. Damste and N.K. Idema wrote an article about mouth breathing. They advised the use of lip plasters. Their research showed that after six months of consistent masking, the mouth closure of children clearly improved: 93% mouth closure in the conscious situations and 73% in the unconscious situations.


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