Cheek holders are used during OMFT to observe or photograph the teeth. Cheek holders expand the mouth opening considerably, so that there is a clear view at the teeth. Now there are new V-shaped cheek holders with some advantages.

The V-shaped cheek holders are related to the C-shaped ones. They consist of two parts. The client can place them in the corners of his or her mouth. By pulling on it, the lips open. The client himself feels how far he or she can go. The tension can be increased or reduced on one side, depending on the side to be observed or photographed. With the cheek holders that consist of one part this is not possible, because they always give the same tension on both sides.

V- or C-shaped cheek holders ensure that the lips are opened more effectively, so that there is more visibility on the elements. The V-shaped lip spreaders are very effective in the premolar/molar area, which can therefore better be viewed or photographed.

All types of cheek holders are available in the webshop.

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