The American pediatrician Lawrence Kotlow is coming to Europe. On 28 May 2019 he will give a lecture at the symposium ‘SOS 4 Tots’ in Denmark. Kotlow is known from his guidelines for the determination of too short tongue ties. This length is decisive for obtaining a good tongue position at rest and the proper unwinding of the tongue during swallowing.


A too low resting position of the tongue is decisive for the shape of the upper jaw and thus the entire face. In many cases it will lead to a narrow palatum. A low tongue position is often caused by a too short or too stiff tongue tie (frenulum). Sometimes the bottom of the mouth on which the tongue tie is attached can be slightly stretched, but usually the tongue tie must be corrected by cutting, lasering or cleaving. Pediatrician Lawrence Kotlow has classified length measurements for the tongue tie, which can be used to determine whether intervention is necessary. These guidelines are known as the Kotlow classification. Based on these guidelines, has developed measurement instruments that make it quick and easy to determine when correction of the tongue tie is necessary.


Kotlow speaks at the symposium in May, which bears the subtitle: ‘Understanding the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare or Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS)’. The symposium is relevant for OMFT therapists, dentists, orthodontists and oro-facial therapists. Liset Maas-Houtekamer and Berry Verlinden from also attend the symposium on 28 May.


The symposium is organized by Ulla Lebahn, who also provides the courses of in Denmark. The next English basic course of will take place on 26, 27 and 28 August 2019 in Billund.
You can register for ‘SOS 4 Tots’ via the website of Ulla Lebahn.

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