Explaining the importance of nose breathing rather than mouth breathing is less tangible than actually showing it to a client. With an anatomy model of a head, you can give clear explanation and instruction.

A cross section of the head is now available in the webshop of OMFT.info, specially for speech therapists, dentists, orthodontists and oro-facial therapists who want to give visual explanations to clients. For example, about where and how the nose moistens, warms and cleans the inhaled air, how mouth breathing can lead to swollen tonsils and how a correct swallow works. The anatomy model also shows the orofacial muscles.

The model is 27 cm high, 19.5 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep, including the foot. The size is comparable with a real (half) head. An explanation of all numbered elements is provided with the model.

From now on you can order this anatomy model in the webshop of OMFT.info.


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